Upscale Digital DSP

Native Ads With
Predictive Optimization

Launch campaigns aimed for conversions (lead, sign-up, purchase) and watch algorithm optimize towards set CPA goals.

Pay only for media cost + 15% service charge
Personal Account Manager

All campaigns are overseen by a trained account manager.

Easy Scaling

Algorithm detects well-performing patterns and scales your spend accordingly.

Zero Coding Required

All technologies are built-in and maintained in-house.

Global Reach

Target any country, device, OS and language.

What we do?

All Your Native Campaigns
In One Place

Upscale Digital DSP is a programmatic platform that enables advertisers to launch and scale native advertising campaigns across multiple native SSPs via openRTB protocol.

Our unique predictive optimization algorithm learns on the run and starts doing it's job after first hours of the campaign being launched.

Few of the things our DSP does for you:

towards CPA goal

optimal bid price

Filters out
ineffective traffic

profitable traffic patterns

How we do it?

Big Tech Doing Small Tasks

The predictive optimization technology is a universal technology that implements decision making, planning and decisions (what should we do) based on prediction (what will happen) by means of artificial intelligence (AI).

Run by machines

Every step of campaign optimization is completely automated. Our DSP makes bid predictions in real-time based on data from the last minute, last month, and even other campaigns.

Curated by people

Understanding fundamental principles of the technology used is crucial in order to launch a successful campaign, that's why every campaign is managed by one of our staff members so you don't have to be a tech guru to work with us.

Big Data

We analyze billions of data entries to understand what type of users bring profit to your campaign.

Machine Learning

We find patterns in your campaign activity to minimize useless ad spend and maximize results.

Stay in the know

"Let me know when you are out of Beta
or have any substantial updates"