About Pixels

Each campaign comes with it's own set of pixels available upon campaign creation. All pixels have a unique link which should be used for postback. Please notice that {click_id} variable should be replaced upon triggering the pixel. Both values are supplied with ad click coming to your landing page like this:

Each campaign has 4 type of pixel, each of them is sends a signal for a specific event: landing, clickout, lead, conversion. Please reach out to your account manager to find out when exactly the events should be triggered per your campaign funnel. Revenue field is optional and should be provided if you want us to keep track of your campaign profitability.

How to install pixels:

Image pixel

  • Trigger the conversion by loading <img> tag on the page where event happens.
    <img hidden width="1" height="1" src="{click_id}">

    <img hidden width="1" height="1" src="{click_id}&revenue={optional}">

S2S (server to server)

  • Trigger the conversion by sending GET request when event happens.
    Target URL:{click_id}&revenue={optional}

Stay in the know

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